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The mission of Owlett & Lewis is to provide timely, efficient, thorough, and excellent legal services that are in line with your needs and accomplish your goals.

The legal process is complex and can be very confusing. At Owlett & Lewis our goal is to "demystify" the law and help you to understand your rights and options so that we can better guide you to make the best decisions for your situation.

Our focus on client education ensures that you will receive the highest quality legal services to serve your needs and protect you both now and in the future.

We strive to provide practical, creative, and sound legal solutions to problems facing businesses and individuals today.

Our History

E.H. Owlett, circa 1909

Owlett & Lewis can trace its Northern Tier traditions back to the late 1800's.

In the 1880's Edward H. Owlett, Sr., formed the law firm of Sherwood and Owlett in Wellsboro Pennsylvania. Edward practiced law from 1888 until 1917.

G. Mason Owlett

G. Mason Owlett then formed the law firm of Crichton and Owlett, later to become Owlett, Cox, Wilcox and Owlett, and practiced law with Edward H. Owlett until 1957.

Cox, Wilcox, Owlett & Lewis, P.C. was formed in 1984 by Edward H. Owlett and John D. Lewis. John D. Lewis retired from the firm in 1993 and Edward H. Owlett served as counsel to the firm until his passing in 2015.

Members of the present firm are Thomas M. Owlett and Brian S. Duff.

You can trust us

Why Choose Us:

  • A Legacy of Quality Law – Since 1881
  • Efficient and Timely Facilitation of Administrative Issues
  • Creative Asset Protection Legal Solutions
  • We "Demystify" the Legal Process for You
  • Our Proven Team Approach – Ensures that you will receive the most timely and thorough legal solutions available
  • We Respond Quickly to Changing Circumstances
  • Consistent Monitoring of Case Status
  • Friendly and Compassionate service
  • Community Commitment
  • Competitive Rates


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